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follow My name is Iona Paterson and I am a personal trainer living in Glasgow, Scotland.

get link I have always been involved with sport, and I was a competitive swimmer from a young age. After I stopped competing in swimming I found the gym and I have loved it since.

see url I have done all sorts of training, from all cardio, to bodybuilding, and I am currently doing strength training. I love mixing it up and trying new things to keep me motivated. 

click here I love being active in any shape or form and I am a true believer in attacking life and making the most of any opportunity. 

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My Focus


Strength Training

It's important to build the foundations correctly

binary options dummy account Strength training is at the heart of what I offer, simply because it builds the foundations the right way. The biggest misconception out there is that weight training isn’t good for women. This just isn’t true. When you have built a solid foundation, you are in a much better position to achieve the physique you are looking for. 


online dating harvard I am passionate about changing people’s perceptions of themselves. I want to show you that you are capable of achieving anything you want. 

Stock trading basics analysis course kolkata Your training will push you to new limits and give you a confidence that you can tackle any obstacles that come in your way.

enter The mentality that you will build through training can benefit many aspects of your life, as the confidence you build in the gym will transfer into business, work and relationships. 

1-1 Training

£35 per hour

binäre optionen strategie mt4 100% personalised to suit you, 1-1 training is perfect for helping you to achieve your goals. With nutritional and training advice and support, you can know you are on the right track. 


1-2 Training

£30 per hour

If you have similar goals to friends, why not join up your training session? You can motivate each other in your training session click here and throughout the week to make sure you stay on track. Nutritional and training advice also available. 


Group Training

£15 per hour

This will consist of tough circuit training that will build your stamina and strength. Being in a group motivates you to work as hard as you can and is great for fat loss goals. 


Online Nutritional Help

Prices may vary

Meal plans and structure will allow you to follow a programme that is tailored to fit your lifestyle and needs. Meal plans will be completely personal and be constructed with foods you like to eat, whilst staying healthy. 

Online Training

Prices may vary

I can structure you a plan to follow based on your lifestyle and goals. For online training, I recommend that you have experience in lifting weights so that you can be sure you are doing movements safely and within your limits. 


Prices may vary

Throughout the year I will do a variety of structured 4-8 week transformation challenges. These challenges will be designed to push you. Nutritional advice will be included. Look out for these on my website as spaces are limited. 


Enough about me

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