Group PT Fitness Classes

Bodyfit is a Group Personal Training Class which mixes lifting weights with cardio to make you the fittest, strongest and leanest version of yourself. It will entail a mixture of personal challenges and partner workouts to allow you to push yourself to your limit whilst making great friends.

In these exercise classes Glasgow, you will learn how to perform the main weightlifting movements with good technique. We’ll focus heavily on squats and deadlift, and then move onto more high intensity circuits to ensure you get the perfect full body workout.

Bodyfit classes will last between 60 and 90 minutes.

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    Individual Sessions

    One Off Class
    £15/ Session
    • One-off sessions
    • Individual focus
    • Technique help
    • Nutritional advice

    Monthly Plans

    £60 per Month
    £15/ Session
    • 4-8 sessions
    • Nutrition plans
    • Unlimited support
    • A structured gym programme
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