4 Diet Friendly Restaurants in Glasgow


Picture this, you’ve gone to your gym, got yourself a PT, got a meal plan. You’ve been sticking it out for a few weeks now and you’re feeling great. You feel fitter, leaner and just all around healthier. You’ve been really good with food, and you are really seeing results.


Your friend just called and asked you out for lunch… What are you going to do? Just get a salad? But you know how bad the dressings are in restaurants. And besides, you want to eat something really tasty when you go out for lunch/dinner. What will you do? Just sack the diet? No you will not.

I have put together a list of nice, healthy places in Glasgow that you can go for lunch with friends, so you can have a healthy meal and you’ve had the good social aspect of seeing your friend or family.
  • NANDOS – a place that anyone can go, as they’re everywhere. Nandos is great for having delicious food that is actually not as bad as you might think. And if you are trying to eat extra healthily, they have butterfly fillets of chicken, and rice/sweet potato chips and mash and side salads.

  • PREP FITNESS KITCHEN- This is a fairly new place opened in Glasgow but it’s absolutely great. I go then whenever I fancy a cake or a milkshake, as their stuff is great. They’ve definitely upped their game from when they first opened. I would recommend the Choclift Orange shake, but beware it’s addictive!

  • KCAL KITCHEN- This is somewhere that I am still to try, but all I have heard is great things. A great option for when you are watching your weight but still looking for something tasty and satisfying.

  • MARTHA’S- Martha’s offers a wide range of food, from porridge, to salads to wraps. All of which have their macros specified. Depending on your tastes, you can be sure to find something you like, as they offer gluten free and vegan friendly options too!


So now you know! Here are a few healthy restaurants in Glasgow you can choose from. Many chain restaurants now have a low calorie option for their meals as well. These tend to be meals that are under 500 or 600 calories, and range from salads to pizzas. So, no matter where you go, you can be sure to find a healthy meal and stick to your diet.