6 March 2017

The Importance of Goal Setting

Goal setting has been a major focus for my clients and I currently. I think this has stemmed from a lack of motivation on my behalf. After competing in my first powerlifting competition 3 weeks back, I came back in to the gym enthusiastic to get back to other training styles but with no real...
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3 March 2017

Make the Outdoors Your Gym

Many of us will tell ourselves that we cannot get fit or achieve our goals because we cannot afford it. Gym memberships can be expensive and the gym can be really boring! Many people think of exercise as something they have to do, not want to do. So what if we could make it fun?...
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13 July 2016

Weightlifting for Females- The Truth

Often females are scared to hit the squat rack from fear of bulking up and looking manly. Is this going to happen? Or could it rocket your performance to a new level?
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12 July 2016

The Science Behind Grunting

Have you ever wondered if there’s any reason people grunt in the gym or is it just ‘look at me, I’m lifting heavy weights’? Here’s the science behind the grunt!
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8 July 2016

Why You Should Do HIIT

Looking to lose weight or increase performance in sport? This article outlines the benefits of introducing high intensity training as part of your training routine.
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20 June 2016

Beginner in the gym?

Want to start lifting but you have no idea where to begin? Are you scared of the free weights area? In this article I give you a beginners guide to lifting.
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17 June 2016

Why I Became a Personal Trainer

My fitness story and how I got into the gym. I talk about the obstacles I overcame and my progression through training for sport to training for enjoyment.
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